Contribute code

Signing commits

  • We encourage you to sign your commits, although this is not a strict requirement from our side.

  • You can find help on how to sign commits in GitHub’s docs.

Commit naming convention

The commit naming convention will be checked by our continuous integration. In order to be valid, the followin rules must all be fulfilled:

  • The commit message must begin with a category in square brackets which describes the code part that was changed

  • The commit category must not be empty

  • A commit category must contain at least two characters. Allowed characters are: letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and -. For example [gpu-texture]

  • If two code parts are affected, separate the categories using |, for example [gpu-texture|gpu-info]

  • If three or more code parts are affected, use [*] as category

  • Leave one space after the commit category

  • The commit message itself must consist of the following characters: letters a-z, numbers 0-9

  • The commit message must begin with a capital letter

  • The commit message must exist and it must not be empty

  • The commit message must not end with ., ! or ?


  • [docs] Explain commit naming convention

  • [gpu-info] Don't display empty gpu info queries as error

  • [gpu-info|representation] Cleanup

  • [ci] Add commit naming check

  • [*] Move GPU info to vk tools

Additional information

The regex pattern for the commit category is \*|(?:[a-z0-9]{2,}[\s|-]?)+, the pattern for the message is [A-Z0-9].+[^.!?,\s]