Clang formatΒΆ

  • In order to have one unified code formatting style, we use clang-format.

  • Clang-format automatically formats source code according to a set of rules which a project needs to agree on.

  • Our current style can be found in the clang-format file file in the root folder of the repository.

  • We recommend to install plugins which auto format the code when the file is being saved.

  • Instructions for how to enable clang-format in Microsoft Visual Studio can be found here.

  • Other editors like Visual Studio Code,, Notepad++ and Sublime Text support this as well.

  • Part of our Continuous Integration (CI) are automated clang-format checks using GitHub actions.

  • Our setup of clang-format with GitHub actions can be here.

  • A pull request will only be accepted if it follows those code formatting rules.

Example of clang-format checking a pull request along with gcc/clang/msvc build:

Example of Continuous Integration (CI) at work.