Getting started

Also see the building instructions (Windows/Linux).

Required Software


Git for cloning (downloading) the source code.

Python with pip

Required for generating the documentation and the C++ package manager.


The build generator which generates project files for various IDEs.

Vulkan SDK

Vulkan SDK contains the libraries and tools which are necessary to work with Vulkan API.

Update your Vulkan SDK as often as possible, because new versions will be released frequently which contains new features and bug fixes.

Make sure you add the glslangValidator in the Vulkan SDK’s bin folder to your path variable.

Optional Software

GitKraken Git GUI.

A Git user interface with many features which is easy to use.

GitHub Desktop

An open source Git user interface which is easy to use.

Ninja Build System

Improve your build times with ninja.


Powerful open source graphics debugger. Inexor has full RenderDoc integration.


Required for generating the documentation.


Free and open source text editor.

Free and open source text editor.

Visual Studio Code

Free and open source text editor.

Does my graphics card support Vulkan?

Update your graphics drivers!

  • Update your graphics drivers as often as possible.

  • New drivers contain new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.