Class Camera

Class Documentation

class inexor::vulkan_renderer::Camera


Not thread safe!

Public Functions

Camera(const glm::vec3 &position, float yaw, float pitch, float window_width, float window_height)

Default constructor.

  • position – The camera’s position.

  • yaw – The camera’s yaw angle in degrees.

  • pitch – The camera’s pitch angle in degrees.

  • window_width – The width of the window.

  • window_height – The height of the window.

void set_type(CameraType type)

Set the camera type.


We will implement more camera types in the future.


type – The camera type.

inline const CameraType &type() const
void set_movement_state(CameraMovement key, bool pressed)

Notify the camera if a certain key is pressed or released.

  • key – The key which was pressed or released.

  • pressedtrue if the key is pressed.

void set_position(glm::vec3 position)

Set the position of the camera.


position – The position of the camera.

inline const glm::vec3 &position() const
void set_aspect_ratio(float width, float height)

Set the aspect ratio (window width divided by window height) of the camera view matrix.

  • width – The width of the window.

  • height – The height of the window.

inline float aspect_ratio() const
inline float fov() const
void set_movement_speed(float speed)

Set the movement speed of the camera.


speed – The movement speed of the camera.

inline float movement_speed() const
void set_rotation_speed(float speed)

Set the rotation speed of the camera.


speed – The rotation speed of the camera.

inline float rotation_speed() const
void rotate(float delta_yaw, float delta_pitch, float delta_roll = 0.0f)

Rotates the camera around x, y, and z axis.

  • delta_yaw – The yaw angle.

  • delta_pitch – The pitch angle.

  • delta_roll – The roll angle.

void set_rotation(float yaw, float pitch, float roll)

Set the camera’s rotation.

  • yaw – The yaw angle.

  • pitch – The pitch angle.

  • roll – The roll angle.

inline const glm::vec3 &rotation() const
inline float yaw() const
inline float pitch() const
inline float roll() const
inline const glm::vec3 &front() const
inline const glm::vec3 &up() const
inline const glm::vec3 &right() const
void set_near_plane(float near_plane)

Set the near plane distance of the camera.


near_plane – The near plane distance.

inline float near_plane() const
void set_far_plane(float far_plane)

Set the far plane distance of the camera.


far_plane – The far plane distance.

inline float far_plane() const
void change_zoom(float offset)

Change the zoom of the camera.


offset – The mouse wheel offset change.

void update(float delta_time)

Update the camera (recalculate vectors and matrices).


delta_time – The change in time since the last frame.

inline const glm::mat4 &view_matrix()
inline const glm::mat4 &perspective_matrix()

Private Functions

void update_vectors()
void update_matrices()
bool is_moving() const

Private Members

CameraType m_type = {CameraType::LOOK_AT}

The type of the camera. Currently only one type is implemented.

glm::vec3 m_position = {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f}

The start position of the camera.

glm::vec3 m_front = {directions::DEFAULT_FRONT}

The vector of direction in which the camera is looking.

glm::vec3 m_right = {directions::DEFAULT_RIGHT}

The vector of direction which points to the right.

glm::vec3 m_up = {directions::DEFAULT_UP}

The vector which indicates “upwards”.

glm::vec3 m_world_up = {directions::DEFAULT_UP}

The world vector which indicates “upwards”.

glm::mat4 m_view_matrix = {}
glm::mat4 m_perspective_matrix = {}
float m_yaw = {0.0f}

The camera’s yaw angle.

float m_roll = {0.0f}

The camera’s roll angle.

float m_pitch = {0.0f}

The camera’s pitch angle.

float m_pitch_min = {-89.0f}

The camera’s minimum pitch angle. Looking straight downwards is the maximum pitch angle.

float m_pitch_max = {+89.0f}

The camera’s maximum pitch angle. Looking straight upwards is the maximum pitch angle.

float m_fov = {90.0f}

The camera’s field of view.

float m_fov_max = {90.0f}

The camera’s maximum field of view.

float m_fov_min = {20.0f}

The camera’s minimum field of view.

float m_zoom_step = {10.0f}

The zoom step when zooming in or out.

float m_rotation_speed = {1.0f}

The camera’s rotation speed.

float m_movement_speed = {2.0f}

The camera’s movement speed.

float m_aspect_ratio = {1920.0f / 1080.0f}

The camera’s aspect ratio (width divided by height).

float m_mouse_sensitivity = {0.005f}

The sensitivity of the mouse.

float m_near_plane = {0.001f}

The camera’s near plane.

float m_far_plane = {1000.0f}

The camera’s far plane.

std::array<bool, 4> m_keys = {false, false, false, false}

The keys for the movement FORWARD, BACKWARD, LEFT, RIGHT.

bool m_update_needed = {true}

Will be set to true if the matrices need to be recalculated.