Class GraphicsStage

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class inexor::vulkan_renderer::GraphicsStage : public inexor::vulkan_renderer::RenderStage

Public Functions

inline explicit GraphicsStage(std::string &&name)
GraphicsStage(const GraphicsStage&) = delete
GraphicsStage(GraphicsStage&&) = delete
~GraphicsStage() override = default
GraphicsStage &operator=(const GraphicsStage&) = delete
GraphicsStage &operator=(GraphicsStage&&) = delete
inline void set_clears_screen(bool clears_screen)

Specifies that this stage should clear the screen before rendering.

inline void set_depth_options(bool depth_test, bool depth_write)

Specifies the depth options for this stage.

  • depth_test – Whether depth testing should be performed

  • depth_write – Whether depth writing should be performed

inline void set_blend_attachment(VkPipelineColorBlendAttachmentState blend_attachment)

Set the blend attachment for this stage.


blend_attachment – The blend attachment

void bind_buffer(const BufferResource *buffer, std::uint32_t binding)

Specifies that buffer should map to binding in the shaders of this stage.

void uses_shader(const wrapper::Shader &shader)

Specifies that shader should be used during the pipeline of this stage.


Binding two shaders of same type (e.g. two vertex shaders) is undefined behaviour.

Private Members

friend RenderGraph
bool m_clears_screen = {false}
bool m_depth_test = {false}
bool m_depth_write = {false}
VkPipelineColorBlendAttachmentState m_blend_attachment = {}
std::unordered_map<const BufferResource*, std::uint32_t> m_buffer_bindings
std::vector<VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo> m_shaders