Class CommandPool

Class Documentation

class inexor::vulkan_renderer::wrapper::CommandPool

RAII wrapper class for VkCommandPool.

Public Functions

CommandPool(const Device &device, std::uint32_t queue_family_index)

Default constructor.


It is important that the queue family index is specified in the abstraction above this command pool wrapper. We can’t choose one queue family index automatically inside of this wrapper which fits every purpose, because some wrappers require a queue family index which supports graphics bit, other require transfer bit.

  • device – The const reference to the device RAII wrapper class.

  • queue_family_index – The queue family index which is used by this command pool.

CommandPool(const CommandPool&) = delete
CommandPool(CommandPool&&) noexcept
CommandPool &operator=(const CommandPool&) = delete
CommandPool &operator=(CommandPool&&) = delete
inline VkCommandPool get() const
inline const VkCommandPool *ptr() const

Private Members

const Device &m_device
VkCommandPool m_command_pool = {VK_NULL_HANDLE}