Class ImGUIOverlay

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class inexor::vulkan_renderer::ImGUIOverlay

Public Functions

ImGUIOverlay(const wrapper::Device &device, const wrapper::Swapchain &swapchain, RenderGraph *render_graph, TextureResource *back_buffer)

Construct a new ImGUI overlay.

  • device – A reference to the device wrapper

  • swapchain – A reference to the swapchain

  • render_graph – A pointer to the render graph

  • back_buffer – A pointer to the target of the ImGUI rendering

ImGUIOverlay(const ImGUIOverlay&) = delete
ImGUIOverlay(ImGUIOverlay&&) = delete
ImGUIOverlay &operator=(const ImGUIOverlay&) = delete
ImGUIOverlay &operator=(ImGUIOverlay&&) = delete
void update()
inline float scale() const

Private Members

const wrapper::Device &m_device
const wrapper::Swapchain &m_swapchain
float m_scale = {1.0f}
BufferResource *m_index_buffer = {nullptr}
BufferResource *m_vertex_buffer = {nullptr}
GraphicsStage *m_stage = {nullptr}
std::unique_ptr<wrapper::GpuTexture> m_imgui_texture
std::unique_ptr<wrapper::Shader> m_vertex_shader
std::unique_ptr<wrapper::Shader> m_fragment_shader
std::unique_ptr<wrapper::ResourceDescriptor> m_descriptor
std::vector<std::uint32_t> m_index_data
std::vector<ImDrawVert> m_vertex_data
struct inexor::vulkan_renderer::ImGUIOverlay::PushConstBlock m_push_const_block
struct PushConstBlock

Public Members

glm::vec2 scale
glm::vec2 translate