Class Framebuffer

Class Documentation

class inexor::vulkan_renderer::wrapper::Framebuffer

RAII wrapper class for VkFramebuffer.

Public Functions

Framebuffer(const Device &device, VkRenderPass render_pass, const std::vector<VkImageView> &attachments, const Swapchain &swapchain, std::string name)

Default constructor.

  • device – The const reference to a device RAII wrapper instance.

  • render_pass – The renderpass which is associated with the framebuffer.

  • attachments – The attachments to use.

  • swapchain – The associated swapchain.

  • name – The internal debug marker name of the VkFramebuffer.

Framebuffer(const Framebuffer&) = delete
Framebuffer(Framebuffer&&) noexcept
Framebuffer &operator=(const Framebuffer&) = delete
Framebuffer &operator=(Framebuffer&&) = delete
inline VkFramebuffer get() const

Private Members

const wrapper::Device &m_device
VkFramebuffer m_framebuffer = {VK_NULL_HANDLE}
std::string m_name